Jihosoft Affiliate Program

Earn up to 75% commission from now on by being affiliate of Jihosoft. Sign up now.

Big Event this Season:
Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac – 75% Commission (product ID: 30945-31)
Jihosoft File Recovery for Mac – 75% Commission (product ID: 30945-33)
Jihosoft File Recovery – 75% Commission (product ID: 30945-32)
Jihosoft Photo Recovery – 75% Commission (product ID: 30945-36)

How to Become Jihosoft Affiliate?

1. Join Regnow’s affiliate program

Regnow is the most reliable online payment service for software registration, and leader in software affiliate programs. Complete an online sign-up form and you will receive your affiliate ID through email.

2. Promote Jihosoft Products

Find Jihosoft products in Regnow by searching company name or Regnow ID. Promote the software on your own site and start to earn money.
Company name: Jihosoft
Regnow ID: 30945

How to Get Custom Build Version?

We provide custom build files which contains your affiliate ID to help you maximize the product purchase conversion ratio.

The importance of Regow custom build

Most users will prefer a direct download before purchase. They will try the software first and then buy it by clicking the buy link in software if they are satisfied with it. With the custom build version, your affiliate ID is embedded, so you can track this kind of sales.

How to make Regnow/Avangate custom build

For Mac Software

Download the program from our site first, and then rename the installation file. For example, first download Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac, supposing that your affiliate ID is 123456, just rename JihosoftPhotoRecovery.pkg as JihosoftPhotoRecovery(rg-123456).pkg. Now your custom version is generated, upload it to your server and everything is done.

Note: To make Avangate custom build version, simply rename the installation package as JihosoftPhotoRecovery(ag-123456).pkg

For Windows Software

Link to Regnow trial links: Search the Jihosoft product name you’d like to promote on your Regnow affiliate control panel. Click to view the details of it. Directly copy and paste the affiliate trail link & buy link to your site. Alternatively, you can download the Regnow Trialware and host it.

Create your own version: Download the setup file from our website, and then rename it with your affiliate ID. For example, you can add “(rg-123456)” to filename JihosoftFileRecovery.exe, i.e. change to JihosoftFileRecovery(rg-123456).exe. 123456 is your Regnow affiliate ID. Once a customer installs the product, a “buy url” will be created with your affiliate ID to ensure that you get sales credit from the download from your website.

Note: To make Avangate custom build version, simply rename the installation package as JihosoftFileRecovery(ag-123456).exe

Jihosoft Product List

Windows Product Regnow ID Mac Product Regnow ID
Jihosoft File Recovery 30945-32 Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac 30945-31
Jihosoft Photo Recovery 30945-36 Jihosoft File Recovery for Mac 30945-33
Jihosoft Video Converter 30945-37 Jihosoft Video Converter for Mac 30945-38
Jihosoft HD Converter 30945-39 Jihosoft HD Converter for Mac 30945-40
Jihosoft SWF to HTML5 Converter 30945-12 Jihosoft SWF Converter for Mac 30945-24
Jihosoft PDF Password Remover 30945-23 Jihosoft PDF Password Remover for Mac 30945-22
Jihosoft Free Eraser Pro 30945-41 Jihosoft PDF Password Recovery for Mac 30945-20

Jihosoft Free Game List

Windows Product Regnow ID
Jihosoft Free Eraser Free
Jihosoft Dice Roller Free
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